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A Go Phonics E-Learning Subscription provides Program users with on-line access to the Tutorial videos. This instruction support is presented by author Sylvia S. Davison. The tutorials enhance your direct instruction as you use the Go Phonics Teacher’s Guide and integrated tools. It’s one thing to read it in the Teacher’s Guide, and far more to hear, see, and feel the energy of the author who’s passionately taught struggling readers for over 40 years. She explains how phonics works in words and simplified phrases that you can use with your students. She shares her experiences that help with troubleshooting what’s needed for a student to “get it.”

There are over 70 segments that cover proper letter/sound pronunciation, assessing, materials preparation, handwriting instruction, teaching each phonics lesson, organizing your game play, and more. They’re designed so you can watch a segment, then teach the lesson. Viewing time averages 7 to 10 minutes.

NOTE: The tutorials go hand in hand with the materials. To subscribe, you must be a previous or new purchaser of the Go Phonics Basic Kit or Program Package (Basic Kit and 50 Game Set). The subscription fee covers on-line viewing by a single user (non-refundable/non-transferable once activation/viewing has begun. The tutorials are offered in 2 parts for one year of viewing each, and 2 years of viewing when both parts are purchased together or consecutively (adding Part 2 before Part 1 subscription ends). You can learn more and see a sampling of these videos here (these 4 posted on You Tube).

To become a subscriber:

STEP 1: Click HERE to request subscription options, current pricing, and a link to the Test Preview page to make sure you can view the videos.
STEP 2: Read the Terms of Service.
STEP 3: Purchase a Single User Tutorial Subscription. We accept purchase orders, credit card payment by phone, check, or money order [U.S. funds].
STEP 4: Receive your invoice with access code.
STEP 5: REGISTER your new account by going to: and click on USER LOGIN.
STEP 6: Check your email for notification of your account creation, linking you to your new account.
You're now able to access the tutorials any time. Enjoy!

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