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Welcome to Go Phonics E-Learning Tutorials

Here’s an overview of this site: Once logged in, use the Main Menu (top of page) to access Tutorials Part 1 and Part 2 (depending on your subscription). Profile is where the user password can be changed by selecting “Edit.” It also shows the number of days left in the subscription. FAQ addresses frequently asked questions that will be added to as subscribers contact us with any questions. Be sure to check for updates in Supplements (bonus downloads and ideas), and Resources (helpful information).

Use as Preparation for Teaching: The tutorials can be viewed as you teach beginning readers, as well as struggling ones. If you’re just getting started with a student who has some knowledge, give him the Go Phonics Basic Skills Assessments to determine where to start and/or to create a baseline. In the Assessing 3-part tutorial author Sylvia S. Davison walks you through how to assess. There’s a Pronunciation Guide for each phonics level that’s helpful to view prior to assessing (and teaching) at that level. You’ll get the pronunciation of each letter sound taught in the program. Certain letter/sounds are often taught incorrectly. Sylvia gives the correct pronunciation and the reasoning behind it.

Handwriting Tutorial: Sylvia explains why handwriting is so important and shows you how to teach it. It’s part of Level 1 - Alphabet. However, it’s important no matter where you begin instruction. You can treat it like a review or add it like a handwriting course while you teach a higher level lesson.

There are over 70 tutorials designed to support each lesson in all 5 Go Phonics levels. Sylvia has carefully chosen what to address. The words she uses may help you better explain the concepts to your student(s). She shares her experiences, demonstrates, and provides tips that help you troubleshoot problem areas.

As you pour your heart and gifts into each boy or girl who twists and turns, and needs to realize they can succeed, know that one by one, you are changing lives!

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